What is Baby Sign Language

1379359_maxBaby sign language is still a fairly new concept to many people. The number of parents opting to take advantage of its many obvious benefits is still fairly low. They are possibly not aware of how it can help their child grow and develop. Surprisingly, this modified version was actually first introduced around four decades ago, but the long term benefits of it were not published until the late nineties and early years of the twenty first century. Let’s take a look at the introduction and history of baby sign language.

Introduction to baby sign language:

As the name indicates this is quite simply a form of sign language for babies. We all know that babies start to put their demands before their parents and express their desires even before they have learnt how to speak. Cognitive development of the baby often commences well before they can communicate verbally. So, in this transient period of time we can use baby sign language to communicate and understand our baby. The child is taught how to sign to express different feelings and he/ she can then use these signs until they learn how to speak verbally.

A history of baby sign language:

Scientists knew that people with hearing problems often had children who experienced trouble in communicating with people around them. So, they just simplified American Sign Language, made it easy to understand and learn, and started teaching the babies of deaf people how to sign. These babies eagerly picked it up and started using it, even when they were as young as six months old. This was something new as even the babies of those with normal hearing do not communicate until they are at least twelve years old. Moreover, it was found that these babies were better in communicating their desires, experienced fewer tantrums and had better cognitive development. After plenty of research, baby sign language was used within a greater number of families also showed the same benefits.

Current concepts:

Once the benefits of baby sign language were recorded in early research people started to work on it on a larger scale. Now we have fully established baby signing language programs that have been in practice for over twenty years. The long term benefits of baby sign language is there for all to see and if you have children of your own then you will surely understand the importance of understanding your child and keeping their frustration to a minimum.


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