Learning with your Baby Stage by Stage

There are many stages that your baby will go through when learning sign language. Some parents feel overwhelmed about learning all of the signs they are supposed to teach their baby. But you have to remember that your baby isn’t going to learn the signs all at once, and you won’t have to either.

Typically you start out with 1 to 3 signs that relate to your babies’ needs at that particular stage of development. For instance, you will be bottle feeding or nursing your baby often during the first months of life, so a fitting sign to use during this stage would be “milk” or “eat”.

As your baby grows you naturally add more signs that fit the progressing stages of development, like “more”, “all done”, “mom”, and “dad”.

Baby sign language does not have to be overwhelming, take it step by step, sign by sign and you will see that it is simple, effective, and incredibly beneficial!


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