Concerns about baby sign language

There is no doubt that one tends to feel ecstatic after watching their baby sign out that he wants his teddy bear or needs his diaper changed. There is no greater joy in the world than actually knowing what a 6-month-old baby is trying to say. Yes, the entire process starts as early as 6 months! There are many benefits that this form of communication can bring, such as: an increased bond between the parent and child, a deeper sense of understanding of the mind of the child, and a possible increase in IQ levels along with a heightening of the baby’s mental development and motor skills. However, some parents are hesitant about using this form of communication.


The Process Takes Time:

Some parents are concerned that the baby being unable to mimic signs, or copy gestures could mean that their child is not properly developed. This is absolutely untrue. Every baby develops according to his own pace, and parents should learn to accept that fact. Besides, a baby who is unable to learn any form of sign language at all is nothing to be concerned about, some babies just use their own special form of communication. Also, more often than not, it just needs more time on the part of the parent. The baby needs constant repetition to get the hang of it; the signs need to be simple. Remember to be patient with the child. He just needs time to learn.


May delay speech:

Many parents are worried that after their babies have been subjected to this form of communication, the child’s oral communication will be hindered as a result. Studies have however, completely disproved this concern. In fact, research has shown that babies who use baby sign language to communicate are actually more likely than others to start speaking earlier. The infants in the study indicated that they were able to use expressive language, form new words and ideas even before they had fully developed their oral communication skills. Signing babies started speaking at 36 months, as compared to non-signing ones who started at 47 months. Also, those children who had signed as infants are shown to have higher IQ levels, greater vocabulary, and better reading skills than those who had not. Thus, teaching babies to communicate through baby sign language effectively boosts their mental development, rather than slow it down.


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