Watching for New Signs

Most of the time when your baby learns a new sign it's hard to tell if they are actually doing a sign.  Infants and toddlers don't have fully developed fine motor skills yet.  You have to think of it in the same way as a new baby learning it's first words, they don't always get it right.  They may say "wa wa" for water or "da da" for dad.  Just like with speaking, when a baby learns to sign they make attempts to mimic the actual sign that may not be exactly right. Sometimes it's hard to tell Read more [...]

How to Start a New Career as a Baby Sign Teacher

If one is on the hunt for a career that revolves around babies or has a baby or two at home and needs flexible hours to work, why not sign up to be a Baby Sign instructor? Being a Baby Sign teacher is a good way to earn money by helping others. It allows one to teach parents the art of baby signs and watch them experience the joy of seeing their babies communicate with them for the first time. Feel that chill crawl down your spine when you see a baby sign knowing that your efforts contributed to Read more [...]

What is Baby Sign Language

Baby sign language is still a fairly new concept to many people. The number of parents opting to take advantage of its many obvious benefits is still fairly low. They are possibly not aware of how it can help their child grow and develop. Surprisingly, this modified version was actually first introduced around four decades ago, but the long term benefits of it were not published until the late nineties and early years of the twenty first century. Let’s take a look at the introduction and history Read more [...]

How long does it take for a baby to learn baby sign language?

Baby Sign Language has brought about a barrel full of benefits. It may seem impossible to think that a baby will be able to form a hand gesture to try and show the parent what he wants. It is however, very possible. Parents have been using this method for years and have been reaping the benefits.  Some pre-requisites for the parent to remember: Although sign language may have been portrayed as an easy one-step process, once a parent actually gets round to teaching it to his child, he realizes Read more [...]

Concerns about baby sign language

There is no doubt that one tends to feel ecstatic after watching their baby sign out that he wants his teddy bear or needs his diaper changed. There is no greater joy in the world than actually knowing what a 6-month-old baby is trying to say. Yes, the entire process starts as early as 6 months! There are many benefits that this form of communication can bring, such as: an increased bond between the parent and child, a deeper sense of understanding of the mind of the child, and a possible increase Read more [...]