Benefits of Baby Sign Language

Taking care of a baby is not an easy job. They are tiny, helpless, and utterly dependent. To make matters worse, they are unable to tell their caregivers exactly what they want, and thus more often than not the parent or the guardian is unable to properly soothe them on the first try. Wouldn’t it make matters so much simpler, if one could just know what his baby was thinking? When he is cold or hot, or whether he isthirsty for milk.


Fortunately there is now a way to know what one’s baby is thinking or what he wants—at least to some degree. Baby sign language is the ability of a toddler or an infant to communicate with others through the basis of special signs to indicate his needs. Teaching a child how to converse with others through baby sign language can bring with it many benefits, some of which include:


Fewer Temper Tantrums:

A baby can sometimes get agitated if he wants something but is unable to tell his parents what he wants. The parent also tends to get frustrated because he simply can’t understand what his baby wants and how to help him. This lack of fulfillment of the baby’s needs causes him to become annoyed, and have long crying spells. Sign language however, can greatly reduce this phenomenon. Now that the baby feels that his needs have been met, he is satisfied and even mom and dad are saved from having to soothe a crying baby without knowing what is wrong.


Forming that special connection:

Research has shown that a baby who uses baby sign language to communicate with his mother or father strengthens the bond between them. The parents are able to actually get into the mind of their child, and feel a much closer connection with him. The baby too feels loved, appreciated, and nearer to his parents as he feels his thoughts are being understood andhis needs fulfilled.


Helps Promote Brain Development:

During the infancy stage, due to the ability to sign his thoughts, the baby’s brain is being given a mental boost, helping him to fully prepare for actual speech communication. In fact, studies have shown that children who sign as infants tend to have greater IQ levels, as well as a larger speech vocabulary than those who don’t!


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